TikiDaveTipGyp (1)Carol grew up on a former “alligator pear” plantation in a once-wild corner of South Florida. She threw her first dinner party at age 10, a Mexican fiesta complete with tacos and clothespin flamenco dancers. She still takes great delight in feeding and entertaining her family & friends. She dabbles in a variety of artistic experiments when she’s not writing and she writes when she’s not elbow-deep in mixed media art projects. Vintage cocktails are her poison and travel is her drug. She’s a late-blooming free spirit who strives to live The Creative Life and encourages others to add a little color to their lives too.

Tiki Dave and the Tipsy Gypsy love hunting for vintage treasures, so it was only natural that their collections would need a bigger showcase. Inspired by the allure of Old Florida tourist stops and the mystery and excitement of yesteryear’s sideshows and carnivals, they created Roadside Attraction in 2012.